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Conceptual portraits; together we choose a theme, a concept, using appropriate backgrounds / locations and simple props, then stretch, bend or fold into the most pleasing forms or poses.
I will make you comfortable in front of the camera and produce a treasured image, using simple lighting and poses that bring out your best, not "photoshop".
My simple job is to show my subject looking amazing!
I like to shoot these on your location, a special place, an interesting place, with no time constraints, with props that give meaning to the final image and totaling Love using your cat, dog or horse in our portrait.

Either a full length, head shot, enviromental or classic studio portrait, these are taken with some thought to the final image,
In the moment, showing emotion, feelings or that special connection, maybe even a bit artistic
I will make you confortable in front of the camera and produce a special image, using simple lighting and poses to bring out the best!
In the final image you will look amazing!

Head Shots for the business person or artist.
Professionall shot and edited.
Each image is delivered in 5 versions; 8x10 color and Black & white, for print and Low resolution for any web/internet use
also in a square crop as used by Facebook, Linkedin & other professional sites.

Dogs, also means cats, horses, birds etc. Currently I am involved with dogs and love getting their portriats, in studio or best in their own territory where I can just get down and wait for them to pose for me!
normally these are inclued as a gift in a people portrait session,
never a charge for service dog portraits

Kids can do in studio, really prefer on location with something to do or parties to get their personality showing!

Groups Pictures, on location or in studio, with background and Lighting as needed. We set and light location, easily pose group for each person to look their best !