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My fine art images are earthy, ethereal, mystical, with people, primarily women who are strong, centered and interesting.
I place them in nature, with trees or interesting props.
I look for the form, light/shadows, interesting locations / shapes.
I want the viewer to experience emotions, feelings or memories and to be captivated inside the image.

I seek models with dance, yoga or martial arts experience.

Generally I will make several proofs with little changes/edits before, if ever, committing to a Limited edition.
Artist Proofs or Exhibition prints can be printed on metal, wood, under acrylic or heavy quality papers.

My Limited editions are printed only on the finest archival Papers in small size editions of 21, medium size editions of 14 and large sizes in editions of 7.

Personal work done for silly weird fun, using "trick" shots or multiple images, with the purpose to exhibit, especially during Halloween time.

these are personal projects, used as skill practice for me, also because I love to photograph still lifes!
Prints are made for my personal collection, competition or to exhibit. And recently for greeting cards.

I often spend my off times in quite out of the way places, or state parks,
scouting locations for future shoots or out for the day with landscape photographer friends, of course with a camera! I will see an image with a "different" eye, many times adding textures in post-process. Most often I will use these trips as an opportunity to use my infrared or color infrared camera
Many of these have been exhibited, several have won awards
and I am most proud of the image "Old tree Reflections" which is in the permanent collection of
the Center of Fine Art Photography, Colorado

Here we try to keep any press or images that have earned awards, merits or have been published.
Eventually the detail under each image will give what and where.
I enjoy international competition, to me it is an excellent source of feedback to decide which images will become limited editions